Friday, May 29, 2009

Slumber Party

I've been flicking through my latest Peter Alexander catalogue for quite some time now. The aussie designer never fails to come out with the best pajamas a boy could ever want.

Lochi Love

Top: Spot Lounge Pant $45.00, Party Tee $29.00 AUD

Home Lounge Pant $45.00 & Blue Waffle Knit Sleep Top $39.00

Stripe Basic Pj Set $69.90

Guitar Basic Pj Set $59.90

All from Peter Alexander


  1. aww, I love the way that the striped ones are sort of old-fashioned with a new remix! Kind of makes me think of the lovely Dick van Dyke, what a cutie.

    I looove that hoodie with the eye holes a couple posts back...masks are in every way super intriguing.

  2. Also, your blog page is really nicely laid out - very eye catching. Good luck and have a blast with your new(ish) blog!

  3. I'd sleep like a kid in any of these :o]

  4. I am really diggin these =] Bring me back to the old days when I rocked the jammies haha